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A Lesson on Spirituality and Health

Spirituality and Health - Lahronda LittlLahronda Little
00:00 / 13:11

2020 Lenten Schedule

March 1: Psalm 32. Preacher: Cameron Garrett
March 8: Psalm 121. Preacher: Vivian Robinson

March 15: Psalm 95. Preacher: Luke Lea

March 22: Psalm 23. Preacher: Diane Ward

March 29: Psalm 130. Preacher: Ellen Shepard

April 5: Psalm 118. Lahronda Little

April 9: Biblical Meal, Holy Thursday, 6:30

April 10: Tenebrae Service, Good Friday, 6:30

April 12: John 20, Easter. Preacher: Ellen Shepard

Can I Get a Witness? - Dr. Ellen Shepard

January-March 2020 Series

Grace Upon Grace, We Begin Again - Vivia
Sermon - Rev. Joel Wiggins
The Joy of Forgiveness - Cameron Garrett
A Cup of Blessing - Dr. Ellen
Salt, Light, and the Kingdom of Heaven -
But I Say to You - Dr. Ellen Shepard
Is It Good for Us to Be Here - Dr. Ellen
Where Does Your Help Come From - Vivian
Ear to the Ground - Luke Lea
The Coronation-Luke Lea and Ellen Shepar
Reset Button - Dr. Ellen Shepard.mp3
Be Where Your Feet Are - Dr. Ellen Shepa
I Am the Lord's - Dr. Ellen Shepard.mp3