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April 21, 2019

The year 2019 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Easter Sunrise Service on top of Stone Mountain.  In 1944 Mrs. Lucile Langford of Stone  Mountain Methodist Church led the youth of the church to the top of Stone Mountain to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  This was the first sunrise service on top of Stone Mountain, which has now become a 70 year tradition.

In those years the Mountain was privately owned and the only way to the top was to walk up. The State of Georgia purchased the mountain and surrounding area in 1958, and Stone Mountain Park came into being.  As the park grew, so did the Sunrise Service. There are now two services, one on top of the mountain and one on the laser lawn. There have been up to 8,000 in attendance, between the two services.

The Stone Mountain Sunrise Association, made up of Clergy and members from several local churches, now sponsors the service. Stone Mountain Sunrise Association is dependent on donations from the local churches and businesses to pay for the production of the Sunrise Services. Stone Mountain Sunrise Association appreciates the support of the home church of the Sunrise Service over the years.

Check our News and Events page for information on this year's Sunrise Service.

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