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    This Methodist Church was organized in 1854 with seven charter members. The church first stood on property known as the Fair Grounds near Stone Mountain that was later used by Baptist and Presbyterian denominations. In 1870 the congregation moved into a wooden structure which they erected on the church’s present site at West Mountain Street. The church grew rapidly and by 1895 reported 315 members.

   The cornerstone for a granite sanctuary was laid in 1909 and construction began enthusiastically if rather slowly. The Presbyterian congregation graciously allowed the Methodists to hold services in their church while building continued. So anxious were the Stone Mountain Methodists to move into their own church that they began services after only the basic building was completed. History states that having dirt floors did not keep the worshippers from services in their “own” church.

   Three additions have been made over the years to that 1909 sanctuary. In 1948 an educational building – which was dedicated in 1951 – was added. In 1970 a wing of classrooms with a small chapel was constructed, and in the late 1980s work on the Family Life Center and more classrooms was begun.

   Forty-five pastors have led the mission-minded congregation of Stone Mountain First United Methodist Church in its 165 years, and several future ministers felt their first call to ministry during their youth activities in the church. The annual Easter sunrise service on top of Stone Mountain had its origins in a 1944 youth class taught by Mrs. Lucille Lanford that began its Easter celebration on top of the mountain.

Join us as we continue to worship God and serve our community here in Stone Mountain!


Stone Mountain First is a United Methodist Congregation. You can learn more about the tenets of our faith and United Methodist doctrines right here:

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